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As a golf course superintendent for over 15 years in Iowa and here in the Valley, I was fortunate to have state of the art irrigation control systems to help me manage water usage.  Computer controlled systems connected to weather stations are the norm on the course these days.  These systems determine the proper amount of water to apply each day based on site specific weather data and taking into account factors such as soil type, plant variety and terrane.  This technology is now available at an economic price for your home or commercial property.

Did you know 70% of your home's water usage is water used outside.  These days the water bill seems to be rising as fast as gas is at the pump.  Imagine what a 30% reduction in irrigation water could do for your water bill!

We mount all of our components securely to the home!  All controllers are hard wired to the breaker panel.  We strive for the cleanest, most professional look possible!

On Par Landscaping is pleased to offer three levels of advanced irrigation control designed to conserve one of our most precious and expensive resources.....water.

Level One

How many times have you seen sprinklers running in a downpour?  How many times has it been your lawn!  And even if you do manage to go out and turn your controller off when it rains, how many times have you forgotten to turn it back on until your wilting plants reminded you?

Adding a rain sensor to your controller is the single most effective and economical way to stop wasting water!  Most builder installed, commercial grade controllers are rain sensor ready.  The sensor is installed on the facia board directly above your controller and wired in.  It's function is simple, when it rains, it doesnt allow your controller to open the valves and irrigate.  The sensor can also tell the difference between a light shower and an all day soaker.  A light shower and your system will be back on tomorrow.  A significant rain and your system will be off for several days.

We only install wireless units to avoid the clutter of additional wiring on your home and the give us greater placement flexibility.

Rain Sensor(Installed) $200
*price includes all equipment and wiring with sensor placed in a location the is both ideal for rain collection and aesthetics. 
*If your controller is not rain sensor compatable, A new controller can be installed for $185(4 Zone).  This is a commercial grade Hunter X-Core controller that is fully compatable with Level 2 should you chose at a later date.

Level Two

If having your system shut down when it rains is a good idea, then having it determine how much to water based on site specific weather conditions is a great idea!

This system tracks data such as solar radiation and ET(Evapotranspiration) which is the amount of water lost during the day depending on temperature, humidity and sun.  This data is then used to determine the amount of water necessary to only replenish what was lost.  Any water more than this is simply wasted.

This system requires the installation of a weather station compatible X-Core controller which is included in the price!  This system is completely wireless to avoid wire clutter on your homes facade.  Please take a moment to view the video below describing all of the features and benefits of this outstanding product!

Complete Weather Monitoring System(Installed) $500
*price includes all equipment and professional installation. 

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Level Three

This is the ultimate upgrade to your irrigation system!  This system collects data such as humidity, wind speed and temperature and applies them to site specific data such as soil type, plant type and sprinkler model to provide the most precise water scheduling available in residential and commercial irrigation!  Depending on your current system, current usage and when combined with Consistent Precipitation Heads, as much as a 30% reduction in water usage can be achieved.  Day in and day out this system will on give your grass and plants exactly the amount of water it needs and not a drop more!

This system also senses when weather conditions reach a critical point and call for an "emergency" water cycle to prevent wilting.  Not only will you save water, but have healthier plants at the same time!  This system requires the installation of a compatable Hunter Pro-C controller which is included in the price! 

Complete Weather And Specific Site Monitoring System(Installed) $1000
*price includes all equipment and professional installation.  Additional charges may apply if sensor requires a more remote mounting location.

Consistent Precipitation Heads*MP Rotators

Replacing your current sprinklers with these heads will save water whether they're combined with one of our controller packages or with your existing controller.

Standard pop up sprinklers put out more water as the amount of coverage goes down.  In other words, a quarter circle nozzle will put out more water in the same amount of run time than a half circle nozzle and a half circle will put out more than a full circle.  A typical system will run multiple coverage patterns at the same time which results in wasted water and even possible puddling.

The Consistent Precipitation Head changes all of that.  No matter the coverage pattern, every nozzle puts out EXACTLY the same amount of water over the same amount of time.  A consistant amount of water applied over the entire turf area greatly reduces waste and saves on your water bill. 

Please take a moment to view the video below featuring this amazing new product!

In addition, many cities in the valley offer rebates for installing water conserving irrigation equipment.  Please check with your city for possible rebates.

Call today for an in home consultation and to begin saving money!

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