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Irrigation Repair

Having your irrigation system go down is a lot like having your car break down.  You don't know what's wrong and you want someone to fix it right without gouging you on the repair bill.

Don't be fooled by people claiming to be "Master Techs" or claiming to have the "lowest prices in town".  Be sure and ask where their spcific experience comes from and what brand of components they use.  We believe when you compare apples to apples On Par Landscaping is by far your best choice!

We are experts at irrigation diagnosis and repair.  I oversee all irrigation projects and implement all procedures.  I have designed, installed and maintained numerous irrigation systems on golf courses and large landscape projects.  I have attended training seminars by Toro, Rain Bird and Hunter.  We only use professional grade components from those same companies!  We provide a 2 year parts and labor warranty on all irrigation components we repair and install.  We also provide peace of mind by stating upfront what our services cost. 

Common Irrigation Problems And Fixes

Zone Will Not Come On

Typically this is due to a faulty solenoid.  The solenoid is the electrical component on the valves the energizes to open the valve when a signal is sent from the controller.

Zone Will Not Shut Off Or Seeps

This is typically due to a torn diaphramn or a loose impediment inside the valve.  The diaphramn is a rubber piece within the valve that rises and lowers to regulate the flow of water throught the valve.

Display Flashes And Fails To Run Zones In Manual

This is a problem that is common and isolated to the Rain Dial Controller.  This is the first sign that the voltage regulator is going out on the controller.  While the clock may perform for awhile, replacement is recommended at this time.

Repair Pricing

Complete System Inspection And Set Up $60

Not sure what the problem is?  Just moved into your home and need to get the system up and running?  This service includes a thorough inspection of all components, running all zones to check for function and leaks, replacing any broken nozzles and emitters and programming your controller for optimum water use and efficiency.  And we'll even take the time to explain how to operate your controller if you need!

Leak Repair $85

Additional leaks can be repaired for $30 each on the same visit.
Leak repair cost is $30 if found during $60 inspection service.

Solenoid Or Diaphramn replacement $65

Additional replacements can be done for $30 each on same visit.  Replacement cost is $30 each if found during $60 inspection service.

Backflow Valve Repair $85

Replaces all internal components damaged either from wear or freezing.

Valve Replacement $90

Additional valves $40 each if within the same valve box.

Under Driveway Leak Repair $85

*if you have two lines running under the driveway, the second can be replaced at the same time for $25(recommended)

Controller Replacement
Hunter Pro-C Professional Grade Controller
*includes mounting and hard wiring at current controller location

4 Zone    $210
7 Zone    $240

*please call for controllers over 7 zones

Please see our Irrigation Conservation section for additonal products designed to conserve water and save you money on your water bill!
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