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All photos on this site are actual work performed by On Par Landscaping




In today's housing market, it's not uncommon for homes to have been on the market and left unattended for a very long time.  We can bring your yard back to life and back "On Par" with your HOA


Storm damage can be catastrophic and preventable!  This tree was very susceptible to high winds due to a shallow root structure caused by overwatering due to an improper irrigation schedule.  We set up customers' irrigation to run less frequently and water deeply to promote root depth and growth which yields a healthier and more drought tolerant plant as well as saves wasted water.

No matter the size or shape of your back yard, we can turn it into a relaxing area for your family to enjoy!  Installing sod and making the drainage way a focal point of this small back yard gave this family a place for the children to play, do some gardening and provide a great view from the patio door!



Most new homes only include a finished front yard, leaving you with a clean slate to design a space that suits your needs and tastes.  Just by adding sod, curbing, plants and rock, this back yard was transformed from a dust bowl to an oasis!


It's important to get expert advice!  This customer had an irrigation leak emanating from under the driveway.  Several companies had informed her that this would eventually erode and cave in her driveway and gave estimates to tear out and replace sections of driveway all to replace a simple 1/2" drip line.  As you can see from the photo on the right, all builders install a sleeve underneath the driveway for the irrigation to run through.  This prevents a break from eroding the base for the concrete and making repairs easy.  A new drip line was pulled throught the sleeve and the leak was eliminated for less than $100!

Call On Par to tackle even the toughest jobs!

No matter the size, you want your yard to be a relaxing oasis to come home to!  With one of our regular service plans, you can have a manicured, worry free landscape to enjoy!  This lawn was overseeded with quality seed and correct practices and is thriving!  Call On Par today to have the best yard on the block!












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