Yard Service and Irrigation Repair Specialists


We offer service plans to fit and budget and need.  I believe in providing an up front price and letting you know what is included and what isn't included.  We have many value added items that most landscapers charge extra for.

All full service plans include...
    -inspect and adjust irrigation system on each visit
    -free repair of nozzles and emitters
    -up to 3 fertilizer applications to your lawn
    -spray all weeds
    -late spring lawn dethatch
    -trim and shape shrubs to your specifications
    -trim trees up to 10 feet off the ground
    -complete blow out of all debris

Items not included...
    -fall overseeding
    -major tree pruning/thinning
    -major irrigation repairs


All rates are based on a typical size subdivision lot up to 12,000 square feet with regular plant quanities.  Call for a free estimate if you have a larger lot or a heavily planted lot.

Full Service Plans

On every visit we do a complete mow, trim and blow of the property.  We recommend that properties with grass are serviced at least bi weekly. We operate 

Weekly            $45 per visit
Bi Weekly       $50 per visit
Monthly           $80 per visit

One Time Clean-up

We'll come in and give your yard the same attention to detail we give our regular accounts all at a reasonable rate.  Simply put, we view a clean up job as a chance to audition for you and your neighborhood.  We'll leave your yard looking beautiful and get you back "on par" with your HOA.

One time clean ups start at $130

Lawn Painting/Coloring

you choose not to grow a winter lawn, typically the Bermuda will brown by mid December as it goes dormant.  Painting the dormant Bermuda is an economical alternative to overseeding, not to mention the dramatic water savings by not overseeding.

The product we use to color your lawn will not harm the grass plant in anyway and one application will last the entire winter.  We mix our colorant at a high rate to yield a very dark green color that will make you a hit with your neighbors and your HOA!

Tree Trimming and Removal

While keeping trees trimmed up off the ground to 10-12 feet and trimmed back off of your house, a more thorough trim and shaping is needed from time to time.  We can perform this service as well as clean up any palms to give them a clean and healthy look.


There are times when a tree needs to be removed.  Dead trees can pose a serious safety hazard.  Sometimes a tree has simply outgrown it's place in the landscape or needs to be removed to make room for a new project.  On Par can take care of all your tree needs!












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